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A 15000-meter sand fence was installed on the Maskar Bhataya Road. This was manufactured and installed by the Middle East Link. Consisting of 11 rows of high Tensile line wires and a height of 1.9 meters, the function of these Animal (Sand) fence is to protect camel, other animals and prevent them from crossing over to the Expressways.

The Sand or Animal fencing system is mainly used as an anti-intrusion barrier for farm and other animals. The most common use is for highways, where vast distances are covered at a very economical cost. Animal fencing can also be used to enclose areas such as farms, forest areas and national parks, where security is not critical. This system is very cost effective, easy to install and can be erected in a comparatively short-time.

With over 35 years of Experience & products exported to over 75 Countries, Link Middle East is one of largest specialist manufacturer of Perimeter Security Fencing, Gabions, Highway Guard Rail Systems, Steel Wire & Barriers.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certified & our products preferred by most Government & Non- Government End users in UAE and the Middle East.

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