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Established in 1987, Link Middle East is a dynamic & innovative Group involved in metal & metal processing.

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About Us

Link Middle East is the first company promoted by our founder late Shree U M Kini & our Managing Director Mrs. Shruti Gokhale.

The company was founded with humble beginnings to cater to the fencing industry in the region & today one of the pioneers and market leaders in the field of Perimeter Security in the region.

Over time, LME management has added to facilities and product range and today has a wide basket of products in the field of metal processing and fabrication.

Fully Integrated Manufacturing

With fully integrated State Of the Art Facilities, Link Middle East offers a wide range of products & is a market leader in its area of operations in the Region.

Based on industry potential & needs, Link Middle East has forayed into other sectors & Group today is also involved in Construction and Contracting, Electro Mechanical Contracting of Power Transmission, Trading of Electrical equipment and accessories.

The Link Middle East Group

Director's Message

We have taken part in a wide range of developmental projects & activities wherein we have gained rich experience, reinforcing our ability to take up larger & more complex projects with various Consultants, Government Bodies and Organizations.

Our business activities are focused on our core competence of metal and metal processing, providing a comprehensive turnkey approach to the business. We take great pride in our business & processes are governed by attention to every detail of our activities. We source our raw materials globally – identifying vendors who meet our quality requirements.


Upendra Kini - Link Middle East

MR. U. M. KINI (1943-2013)

Founder and the guiding force behind establishment of LME Group. The driving force and motivation of the growth of the group. The source, inspiration & guiding light for the future.

We employ only the best available talent – our staff, engineers & workforce are qualified & experienced to meet every exigency.
We train our personnel to take pride in their work and to produce the highest quality. Adequate & competent supervision forms a cornerstone of our quality policy. We top this by our TQM system, which is in place, leveraged by our worldwide experience. Our quality focus extends to support functions as well.

Link Middle East - Our Management

Mrs. Shruti Gokhale

Managing Director

Late Mr. Jayant Gokhale

Director, Commercial

Mr. Vidyuth Kini

Executive Director


    Link Middle East's mission is to deliver the highest quality of manufacturing services and to add value to our clients, our employees, our partners and our shareholders. We intend to be the firm that clients trust, people want to work for, partners seek out and shareholders want to invest in.


    Our vision is to be a leading manufacturer of Fencing, Guard Rail, Gabions, Tubes and Pipes firm operating worldwide. Our success is measured by the value we deliver to clients, the quality of the staff we employ, and our strength and spirit as a firm.


    Our core values shape the culture of our business and define the character of our firm. They guide our decision making, our interactions with our clients and our relationships with each other. Our people adopt, own and apply our values in their work. The IMC Worldwide core values are:

    ◍ Ethics & integrity
    ◍ Learning & Development
    ◍ Value Addition
    ◍ Operational Performance & Excellence
    ◍ Mutual Respect & Teamwork
    ◍ Accountability


    Link Middle East is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities. LME provides policies to provide a safe, healthful workplace, protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources. With these policies in place we believe that we can achieve a healthy and safe environment.


Since the beginning we have built up a reputation of being a dependable manufacturer & supplier of quality products.

As a result the Link Middle East Group is well known in the regions and we are proud to have been associated with all major Organization in UAE Government Sector, Oil & Gas, Defense, Power & in protection of Other Critical National Infrastructure assets


In the overseas markets as well we have built up a solid reputation of being a dependable manufacturer and supplier of world class products.

Today our reach spans in over 75 countries around the world & includes AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST & GULF, AMERICAS, EUROPE, ASIA and FAR EAST.

Quality Systems & Product Certifications

Link Middle East believes in keeping abreast of not just technological advancement & product developments in the industry but, also to to be aligned with the latest Quality Management Systems & product Standards compliance as part of the above policy. We are proud to have the following Certifications & Accreditation.


System Accreditation

★ ISO 9001

★ ISO 14001

★ ISO 45001

Product Certifications

★ CE Mark for Gabions, Mattresses & Netting, Guard Rail Systems*

★ BBA, UK - Hexagonal & Weld Mesh Products for Gabions, Mattresses & Netting*

★ NF AFNOR France Hexagonal Products for Gabions, Mattresses & Netting*

★ Copro Belgium - Hexagonal & Weld Mesh Products for Gabions, Mattresses & Netting*




05/4215, 17/H259, 00/3682


    • We believe that Health, Safety & Environment forms an essential part of our operations. LME is strongly committed to undertake this social responsibility as an integral part of our activity.
    • All our operations ensure the Health and Safety of our employees in the operational environment. We undertake numerous measures to protect the personnel, workplace & the environment.
    • Integrating HSE into our Business Plan & Activity.
    • Include & Raise awareness of all Employees. Provide adequate training for them to be able to carry out their activities in a safe and efficient manner.
    • Setting out, implementing & monitoring an effective HSE Plan.
    • Empower and hold Line Managers & Engineers accountable to implement and evaluate HSE Performance.
    • Operate all equipment & Machinery in a safe manner in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines.
    • Adhere to National & Local Statutory Environment and Safety regulations.
    • Provide employees with adequate safety gear & other facilities to uphold high standard of safety, hygiene & cleanliness.
    • Monitor record & regulate safety incidents, implement preventive measures.
    • Implement KPI's:
    • HSE Training
    • Risk Analysis & Management
    • Emergency Drills
    • HSE Management Meetings
    • HSE Audits


Link Middle East is committed to a policy of supplying and installing products of standard & quality, such that customers’ requirements are met and to implement this policy Link Middle East is committed to following a Quality Management system as defined in its Quality Manual and supporting procedures.

The Quality Assurance System defined in the Manual, and its supporting documentation, are mandatory.

The Quality Policy of the Company is communicated to all levels and copies are circulated to all departments. In addition, Copies of the Policy are displayed at strategic points on the Company Premises. All Staff are responsible for the Quality of their own work.

Link Middle East Products

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