Hexagonal Mesh Gabions & Mattresses

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Hexagonal Mesh Gabions



    A gabion is a cage or mesh basket filled with rocks for use in civil engineering, road and landscaping applications.

    The Hexagonal Wire mesh Gabions & Mattresses are formed by weaving adjacent strands of wire forming a hexagonal shaped mesh.

    The ends of the mesh wires are wrapped around a heavier Selvedge wire to form the panels. The tensile strength of the mesh in the direction of the weave is greater than across the weave.

    Gabions are divided into cells by cells called diaphragms/partitions, these partitions help in the reinforcement of the Gabion Structure & help during the filling of stones during assembly. The side panels and diaphragms are assembled to the base section of the main panel. The unit is then folded flat for transportation.

    On site, the unit is opened out, flattened and the sides, diaphragm and end panels are assembled using a continuous lacing operation with the wire supplied or with 'C' rings to form the Gabion.Once assembled the mesh gabions are filled with stone or rock as per our prescribed procedure to form a stable structure.

    Corrosion Protection:

    The wire used in manufacture of Gabion includes corrosion protection of wire by way of Zinc Coating (galvanizing) of Galfan Coating usually according to EN 10244-2 Table II Class A or other international standards.

    Additional Corrosion protection is sometimes required for harsh / sultry / wet conditions. In such cases, wire, prior to manufacturing the mesh, is coated with a special PVC / PA coating as per EN10245 to enhance corrosion protection of the Gabions and the Structure.

    Gabions used for various applications including retaining walls, mechanically stabilized earth structures, bank protection, slope protection, weirs, drop structures etc., gabion structure when correctly chosen, designed & installed can have a life of up to 120 years as per evaluations carried out by BBA, UK.

    Specifications Gabions:

    Mesh Type: 60X80, 80X100, 100x120 (Conforming to EN 10223-3 & ASTM A 975)
    Wire Diameter : Ranging from 2.00mm to 3.0mm (Conforming to EN 10218-2; EN 10223-3)



    Mattresses are "thin" gabions & have traditionally been used in applications such as creek and channel linings where long term scour is an issue. Appropriately sized stone within a smaller mesh type ex. 60x80 effectively increases the resistance of such rock to scour for a given flow condition.

    Gabion mattresses are box units where typical standard sizes are 3 or 6m long & 1 or 2 m wide. Height of each unit is less than 0.5m and subdivided into compartments. Each compartment or cell so formed has an area of 2mx1m or 2mx2m in plan.Manufactured in similar construction as that of Gabions, the mesh Sizes of Mattresses usually are 60x80mm and supplied with Zinc or Galfan coatings, with or without additional PVC coating for additional corrosion protection.

    The mattresses are usually used for Riverbeds and channel lining for Erosion protection and are also used to provide under scour protection to retaining structures.



    Sac Gabion

    Sac OR Cylindrical gabions are made from hexagonal wire mesh consisting of mesh twisted around in a cylindrical form & laced. The Cylindrical core of the Sac gabions are filled on land & then placed on site for fast installation / construction. Usually used to build dykes & groynes, they are also used to regulate water flow & for marine structures.

Corrosion Protection

Options are available with Galvanized Wire, Galfan Coated Wire with additional option of Organic Polymeric Coatings(PP/ PVC/ PA6); Stainless Steel Grade SS 304 & SS 316 Options are also available for highly corrosive environments requiring a high degree of corrosion protection.

Selection of Corrosion protection is to be made as per the Corrosive class of the Environment as per Guidelines given in EN 10223-3

About Hexagonal Mesh

Our gabions are manufactured with Strict Quality Control and conformance to Specifications & international Standards.

Our Hexagonal Mesh Gabions are Certified by
BBA, UK, NF AFNOR FRANCE, COPRO Belgium & Also have the CE Mark.

We can supply products conforming to any of the above as per your specific requirements.


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